Easter 復活節~告訴你Easter復活節的由來Easter復活節的由來,中英譯對照。 Easter is a special holiday in spring. Easter is also an annual festival that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It 訂做禮服is celebrated on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25. 【復活節的由來】復活節是春天裡一個特別的節日,復活節也是每年一次為了紀念基督耶穌被釋放的節日。在三月二十二號至四月二十五號裡某個星期天來慶祝復活術後面膜節。 Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday and marks the date Jesus was crucified and died for the sins of people. Jesus came to life again three days later. It was on Sunday.在復活節前的星期會場佈置五是耶穌受難日,象徵耶穌為了世人的罪被釘死在十字架上而死的日子。耶穌在三天後復活,也就是星期日。 Today, Christians go to church and have a special service on Easter Sunday. Many people sing and pray 節能燈具on Easter Sunday. They think about new life in Heaven after death. It is a very happy day. Flowers, eggs, lambs, chickens and rabbits are all symbols of Easter. They are all symbols of new life.現在,房地產基督徒在復活節那天,會上教堂去參加特別的儀式,許多人會唱歌並禱告。基督徒會想像死後在天堂裡的生活情形。復活節是非常快樂的日子。鮮花,雞蛋,羔羊,雛雞和兔子都是復活節的象徵物,意思是嶄新的生活。 In some 關鍵字排名place, people celebrate Easter by wearing new, brightly colored clothes in an “Easter Parade”. Children like the Easter Bunny. The tradition of the Easter Bunny was brought to America by German 小型辦公室immigrants in 1700's. The Easter Bunny visit children and hide colored eggs that the children have to find on Easter Sunday morning. On Easter Sunday evening, children eat a big dinner with their 關鍵字廣告families在某些城市裡,人們會穿上鮮豔的新衣參加復活節的遊行,孩子們喜歡復活節兔以及他的糖果籃,因為復活節兔喜歡將他的藍子裝滿了彩蛋和糖果,接著,在復活節前夕,復活節兔會把彩蛋和糖果藏在許多不同的地方,賣房子在復活節的早上,孩子們就可以尋找彩蛋和糖果,在復活節的晚上,孩子們會和家人一起享用復活節盛宴。 

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